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How to use a magnetic base?

How to use a magnetic base

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A magnetic base can be used on any surface which is magnetic A magnetic base can be used on any surface that is magnetic and can be placed in the following positions:


Vertically placed magnetic base The base is in contact with a flat surface.


Magnetic base lying horizontally with the switch face up The base is placed on a surface, using the reverse magnetic edge to hold it in place.


Inverted magnetic base, clamped to the underside of a machine head. The base is placed inverted on a magnetic surface

At an angle

Magnetic base on an angle, on a stand, where the surface is not flat and smooth The magnetic base is placed on a rounded surface, using the V-shaped cut-out to hold the base in place, on a surface which is at an angle.
Magnetic face on the reverse side. On some magnetic bases the reverse side to the switch side has a magnetic face, giving the base another possible surface to use, if the underside face is not suitable for the application.

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