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How strong are the magnets in a magnetic base?

How strong are the magnets
in a magnetic base?

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Magnetic attraction, the force of negative to positive Magnets hold by magnetic force, which is the attraction of negative ions to positive ones.
Magnetic base is switched on, in presence of magnetic surface is attracted to the metal The force of the magnet is measured in newtons – this is the strength of the magnet’s ability to attract to a surface.
Large horseshoe magnet, cast iron vice, small pen magnet, light valve spring This force can be measured and different magnets (depending on material and size), will have different strengths.
Newtons (N) and Kilogram force (KGF) When purchasing a magnetic base, the strength of the magnet will be shown in either newtons (N) or kilogram force (KGF) depending on how the manufacturer measured the strength of the magnet.
Higher the number the stronger the magnet The higher the number, the stronger the magnetic force.
For most applications magnetic force is not something to take into account, for much larger applications a stronger magnet may be needed. For most applications, the magnetic force of the base won’t need to be taken into account, but on certain applications a stronger magnetic base may be needed, for example, when using an extended post or arm.
Magnetic block, switch to turn magnet on and off, supporting post threaded hole, used for attaching magnetic block with bolts. Alternatively, larger magnetic blocks are available to attach to the magnetic base, to increase the magnetic force of the base.

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