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How do you store a magnetic base?

How do you store a magnetic base?

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Magnetic base with its supplied box Magnetic bases are usually supplied in a box. This is an ideal place to store your base when it’s not in use, to protect and prolong its life.
Magnetic bases are usually supplied in a protective case Magnetic bases can also be supplied and stored with dial indicators. These boxes usually have more padding to prevent them moving around in transportation and causing damage to one another.
Magnetic base in an off position It is good practice to store the magnetic base with the magnet switched off.

A magnet’s strength can be reduced over time if left on and subjected to contact with other magnets, heat, radiation or strong electrical currents.

When the magnet is off, it stops any metal pieces from sticking to the base and makes it easier to move around.
Store the magnetic base clean and dry
When storing the magnetic base, ensure it is dry and clean. This will prevent the exposed metal sections from going rusty which may in time affect the performance of the base.
When storing your dial indicator with the base, make sure the magnet is switched off!

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