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What are the parts of a magnetic base?

What are the parts of a magnetic base?

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  Magnetic surface, on/off switch, adjusting screw, supporting post, indicator clamp collet, holding rod/arm

ON and OFF switch

The on/off switch on a magnetic base The ON/OFF switch is used to turn the magnet on and off.


Magnetic base - the underside, showing the core and magnetic part The magnetic base is the area that is in contact with the surface the stand will be mounted to.

The base can be flat or V-shaped, to accommodate different surfaces.


Adjusting screw, snug The snug is the attachment that fits onto the upright post of the base, secured in place by the adjusting screw.

It allows the user to attach an arm which can be moved and adjusted to suit the required positioning.

Securing pin, lug back For example, dial indicators can be attached to the arm of the post in a few different ways.

This particular dial indicator has a lug back and so is held on the post by a securing pin going through the lug and fixing it to the arm.

Supporting  post

Supporting post where the arm attaches too. This is the part of the magnetic base that the arm attaches to. It is a secure metal bar which is fitted to the base and provides a sturdy clamping point.

Holding rod

Holding rod/arms are used to position items such as dial indicators when using a magnetic base. The holding rod or arm, is attached to the supporting post with a snug. It is used as a mounting point for attaching items such as dial indicators, and in combination with the snug allows for infinite positioning along its length. Some holding rods/arms have a threaded hole at one end for attaching other accessories.

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