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How does a magnetic base hold a dial indicator?

How does a magnetic base hold a dial indicator?

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Dial indicator mounted in magnetic base. Dial indicators are mounted to the magnetic base by the backing plate or alternatively they can be held by the stem.For more information, see: Dial indicators 

Gripped by the stem

A stem mounted dial indicator is mounted to the magnetic base by a collet. A dial indicator mounted by the stem will be held at the top in a collet.

Dial indicators held in this way will have a flat backing plate.

Stem collet fitting, tighten to a snug fit The stem of the dial indicator is inserted into a collet fitting, which fits around the stem and tightens to stop any movement when in use.

Mounted on the backing plate

Dial indicators are mounted by backing plates. If a dial indicator is mounted by its backing plate, it will have either a lug or screw post back to it. This may be centred or off-centred but the mounting will be the same.
Lug back, adjustment pin


A dial indicator with a lug back is held to the base by a pin passing through the lug on the backing plate fitting into the attachment on the base.

Screw fitting to secure the dial indicator, backing plate lug The pin type may vary depending on the manufacturer. On this particular type it is a basic screw fitting to secure the attachment in place.
Screw backing plate fitting to base

Screw post

The screw post backing plate attaches to the base by a threaded end of the base arm, this then is screwed into the post by hand and secures the dial indicator in place.

Collar on the block, slides up and down for positioning, locking screws, block attachment mounts to the base The adjustable plate mounting can be used with magnetic bases, when the location and angle of the dial indicator is in a restricted position and small adjustments need to be made using an hexagon key.

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