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What cove mitre sizes are available?

What cove mitre sizes are available?

Example of the different sizes of cove mitres.

 Cove mitres are available in sizes suitable for cutting the most common sizes of coving. Read our full guide to what cove mitre sizes are available to find out more about how cove mitres are measured and how to choose the best cove mitre for you.

How is Coving Measured?

Tape measure illustration for Wonkee Donkee Tools.

Coving is most commonly seen in four sizes: 90mm (3½”), 100mm (4″), 127mm (5″) and 135mm (5¼”). However, specialist coving suppliers are able to supply coving from 50mm (2″) to 200mm (7⅞”). These sizes are available in lengths from 1m (39⅜”) to 3m (118⅛”).


However, how these sizes are determined differs between coving manufacturers. This can be very confusing and make selecting the correct size cove mitre a difficult job.

Example of measuring coving pavilion and drop.

Some manufacturers measure their coving by the length of the drop from the ceiling down the wall.

Example of how to measure the face of coving.

Some coving is measured by the length of the face (the diagonal distance across from the ceiling to the wall).

Example of how to measure the distance across coving face following the contours.

While other manufacturers use the distance across the face following the contours of the coving.

Curved Plastic Cove Mitre Sizes

Example of plastic and metal cove mitres.

Curved plastic cove mitres are available in two sizes, one designed for 90mm (3½”) coving and one for 127mm (5″) coving.

Cove mitres are not suited to be used with patterned cornice.

This type of cove mitre is only suitable for use with plain concave-shaped coving and not patterned cornice. This is because it is designed to sit inside the concave shape of the coving and textured or patterned cornice would prevent it from doing this.


Plastic and Metal Creased Triangle Cove Mitre Sizes

Sizes of metal and plastic cove mitres.

These cove mitres are said to be suitable for coving up to 127mm (5″).


Unlike the curved plastic type of cove mitre, these may be suitable for use with some slightly more elaborate cornice than just plain concave coving. However, you should check this before you buy as the notches that hold the cove mitre in place may not sit correctly on very ornate and heavily patterned cornice.


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