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What cove mitre designs are available?

What cove mitre designs are available?

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Cove mitres can either have a curved shape or a folded triangular shape Cove mitres are available in two shapes.

Curved shape

Curvature matches the coving's These cove mitres have a curved shape that matches the curvature of the coving.
Curved cove mitres must be of the correct size and matching curvature of the coving you want to cut Curved shape cove mitres are always made of plastic and can only be used to cut plain coving with the same curvature as them.

Folded triangular shape

Folded triangular cove mitres can be purchased made from steel or plastic These cove mitres are available made of either metal or plastic. They look like a triangular pieces of material that have been folded down the centre.
The wall edge of coving is the edge that meets the wall, the ceiling edge is the edge that meets the ceiling. As this type of cove mitre sits across the coving resting on the coving’s wall and ceiling edges, it can be used on a greater range of coving sizes and designs. The ceiling edge of coving is the edge that’s in contact with the ceiling, while the wall edge makes contact with the wall.

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