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Cove Mitre Maintenance and Care

Cove mitre maintenance and care

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Cove mitres require very little maintenance, if any. However, there are a few steps you can take to save having to replace your cove mitre prematurely.


Use a brush to clean off debris from your cove mitre When you have finished using your cove mitre, brush any debris from it. This will prevent dirt and debris from increasing the wear on the cove mitre next time you come to use it and also prevent it from leaving marks on the coving as it is used.


Steel cove mitres should be stored in a cool dry place Metal cove mitres should be stored in a cool, dry place to prevent any rust forming on them. A rusty cove mitre will leave marks on your coving.
Keep plastic cove mitres out of direct sunlight Plastic cove mitres should be kept out of direct sunlight when not in use as UV (ultra violet) light can cause plastic to become brittle and break.

How long should a cove mitre last?

Steel cove mitres should last a lifetime. Unlike plastic ones. If cleaned and stored correctly, a steel cove mitre should last a lifetime. However, plastic ones will not last so long.
Curved plastic cove mitres don't last as long as others as the saw blade wears their edge Curved plastic cove mitres in particular will not last as long as others. This is due to the saw wearing the right and left face edges more as their faces have less area to rest the saw blade against.
A cove mitre that is advertised as being for trade or professional use will last much longer vs one that is advertised as being a DIY cove mitre. This type of cove mitre may only last long enough to cut the coving mitres for one or two rooms, which is why they are referred to as DIY tools rather than professional or trade. If you have a lot of coving to cut, it is better to spend the little extra and purchase one made of steel.

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