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Are there any alternatives to cove mitres?

Are there any alternatives to cove mitres?

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There are several alternatives to a cove mitre that can be used There are several alternatives to using a cove mitre. Which you should choose is likely to depend on your budget, how much coving you are likely to be cutting and whether or not you have any other jobs that require parts be cut with a mitre joint.

Printable paper template

Printable templates are the cheapest option for guiding the mitre cut on coving. If your budget is very tight and you do not need to cut many mitres on your coving, the cheapest alternative to a cove mitre is a printable paper template.
Printable cove mitre templates can be found for free on the internet These can be found free of charge on the internet. Simply print them out, cut out the template and stick it to your coving using some tape, then follow the appropriate edge of the template with the saw to cut the mitre joint you require on the coving.
Advantages and disadvantages of ADVANTAGES   DISADVANTAGES
  • Cheapest guide for cutting a cove mitre
  • Does not have a solid edge to guide the saw when cutting
  • Not suitable for repeated use
  • Can only be used on coving that does not have a raised pattern

Mitre boxes

Mitre box and saw can also cut coving mitres. Mitre boxes are used as guides for cutting a range of mitre joint angles, not just the 45 degree joint used to make right-angle corners that a cove mitre can do.
Mitre boxes are available in a huge range to suit every budget. Mitre boxes are available for a similar price to cove mitres, from ones which only guide for 45 and 90 degree angles, to ones which cost several times the price but can be used to cut almost any angle required.
Mitre boxes can also be used to cut many things other than coving such as pipe or skirting boards Mitre boxes can also be used to cut mitre joints for jobs other than fitting coving, for example cutting skirting boards. For more detailed information see our pages on Mitre Boxes.
Advantages and disadvantages of ADVANTAGES   DISADVANTAGES
  • Guides the saw blade more accurately than a cove mitre
  • Models available for guiding mitre cuts for corners other than 90 degrees
  • Can be used to cut any patterned cornice or coving
  • Models available to suit most budgets
  • Can be used to cut mitres on items other than coving
  • Models that cut mitres for different angled corners will cost more than a cove mitre
  • Grooved saw guides in the mitre box wear with use so might not last as long as a metal cove mitre

Mitre saw

A mitre saw can cut almost any angle that you require. A mitre saw is a circular saw that can be positioned and locked at different angles to the workpiece it is cutting. This makes a mitre saw more versatile than a cove mitre, or even most mitre boxes.
Wonkee Donkee says: "It’s unlikely anyone would buy a mitre saw just to cut coving. However, if you already have one then there may be no need to buy another tool such as a cove mitre."
Mitre saws cost considerably more than other tools for cutting mitres, but can also be used for cutting many other things as well. Being a powered tool, a mitre saw will cost far more than a cove mitre but can be used to cut many other objects, some of which may be hard or tiring to cut by hand, such as decking boards.
Advantages and disadvantages of ADVANTAGES   DISADVANTAGES
  • Can be used to cut any corner angle mitre
  • Can be used to cut many other objects and materials, not just coving
  • By far the most expensive tool for cutting a mitre
  • Requires a power source

Preformed coving corners

Preformed coving corners make fitting 90 degree coving corners easy You can now purchase preformed coving corners that take all the work out of accurately cutting a corner mitre joint on coving.
Preformed coving is only available in some designs and only for 90 degree corners Preformed corners are not always the magic solution to fitting coving though, as they are usually only available for 90 degree corners and are available in a limited number of cornice designs.
Advantages and disadvantages of ADVANTAGES   DISADVANTAGES
  • Easiest way to fit coving corners
  • Inexpensive if only a few corners are required
  • Only available as 90 degree corners
  • Only available in limited number of cornice designs
  • Requires butt joint with straight section of coving, which maybe more visible
  • Expensive if lots of corners are required

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