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Tips for fitting coving to wonkee walls and ceilings

Tips for fitting coving to ‘wonkee’ walls and ceilings

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Wonky walls and ceiling often found in older houses may require flexible coving to match the contours of the room. Many older houses have walls and ceilings that are out of square or not level. If this is not too severe, coving should be fitted normally with any gaps filled with adhesive or filler.

Gaps in the coving caused by wonky walls and ceilings will require filling.

Although there is some flexibility in most coving to help reduce gaps between wonky walls and ceilings, extreme cases will require you to cut the coving into several shorter lengths to follow the contours of the wall/ceiling, and then smooth and fill the joints with filler.
Flexible coving may also be needed for fitting around bay windows or domes within a room. Or you can purchase specialist flexible coving made from rubber latex that can be bent to fit wonky walls/ceilings or around domes and bay windows.

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