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What are the different types of batten lifter?

What are the different types of batten lifter?

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There are three main types of batten lifter. These include standard batten lifters, heavy-duty batten lifters and telescopic batten lifters!

Standard batten lifters

Dimension of a standard batten lifter
Standard batten lifters usually have a shaft approximately 670mm (26 in) in length, which connects the handle and prongs.Most models measure 150mm (6 in) between the prongs, which are the parts placed under a batten in order to lift it.

Standard batten lifters usually weigh around 1.5kg (3 pounds) and can lift up to 120kg (265 pounds).

Baby elephant weighing 120kg A baby elephant weighs around 120kg (265 pounds), the same as the weight that a standard batten lifter can lift!

Heavy-duty batten lifters

Dimensions of a heavy duty batten lifter Heavy-duty batten lifters usually have a shaft that measures 500mm (20 in) in length, slightly shorter than standard batten lifters..Most models measure 160mm (6.5 in) between the prongs; wider than standard batten lifters.

A shorter shaft and wider gap between the prongs allows the user to lever and lift heavier battens.

Weight of heavy-duty batten lifter A heavy-duty batten lifter typically weighs 1.6kg (3.5 pounds), which is roughly the same as a standard laptop computer, and can lift up to one tonne (2200 pounds) of resistance.
One tonne

Why would you choose a heavy-duty batten lifter?

You would choose a heavy-duty batten lifter if you need to prise heavier or larger battens, up to one tonne (2200 pounds) of resistance.

Wonkee Donkee says Resistance is the force of gravity trying to stop the batten from moving.

Telescopic batten lifters

Telescopic batten lifter A telescopic batten lifter is also available for heavy-duty use. Because the shaft can extend from 550mm (21 in) to 940mm (37 in) in length, this model gives even greater leverage.

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