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What are batten lifters made of?

What are batten lifters made of?

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Horizontal batten lifter
Batten lifters usually have a steel shaft with a lacquered finish, prongs and a PVC, soft-grip handle for the user’s comfort.


smooth steel animal figure To be transformed into steel, iron ore is smelted to remove its impurities. Other ingredients, particulary carbon, are added to change its properties or characteristics. The molten steel is continuously cast into long slabs or, more rarely, cast into blocks.

In modern steel mills, this process often takes place in one assembly line, with ore going in at one end and finished steel coming out at the other end.


A lacquered bowl The term lacquer comes from the Sanskrit word ‘laksha’ meaning “one hundred thousand.” This was a name for both the lac insect and the resinous secretion it produces, that was applied as a wood finish in ancient India and surrounding areas.Lacquer is now a term for a clear or coloured smooth, durable finish on a variety of materials, including batten lifters.


PVC formula PVC is used to provide a comfortable gripping handle on a batten lifter.

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