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What are laths and battens?

What are laths and battens?

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Laths being placed on a ceiling ready to plaster A lath is a narrow strip of wood, used on the walls and ceilings inside buildings to form a base for plaster. Roofing battens are sometimes reffered to as laths, but this is generally an american terminolgy that has filtered through to the UK.
Lattice fencing This is an ornamental fence made of lattice or latticework, which is crossed wooden or metal strips (laths) that commonly form a diagonal pattern of open spaces, between the strips.


Roofing battens A batten is a strip of wood used on a roof to provide a fixing for tiles and slates.Battens are usually placed horizontally across the rafters, in even rows.
Roof showing battens and slates Battens support the overlapping tiles and slates, so they need to be correctly spaced in order to make sure that the roof is weathertight. Each slate is separately positioned and nailed into place on the roofing battens.
Jean Batten

Fun fact:

This is not a roofing batten! Jean Batten, (1909 — 1982), was a New Zealand woman whose daring and adventurous flying escapades made her a worldwide heroine. She broke existing barriers of time, distance and gender.

She was called ‘the garbo of the skies” because she was a glamorous adventurer who courted attention to further her ambitions and then shunned it in her later years.

Outdoor seat made of battens

What else can you use a batten for?

You can use battens to make an outdoor seat.

Coloured battens Battens can be coloured to create a striking image.

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