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What spokeshave types are available?

What spokeshave types are available?

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spokeshave blades and sole The blade and the sole are what differentiates the type of spokeshave. There are three types of blade and four types of sole available for spokeshaves. This is because one of the blades fits two of the sole shapes.

The blade shapes: are flat, convex and concave. Keep reading to find out which sole shape they fit.

The sole of a spokeshave can either be flat, round, convex or concave. The flat and round spokeshaves are most common and it is often required to have one of each for tasks that include curves in different directions.

Flat spokeshaves

flat spokeshave The flat spokeshave has both a flat sole and blade. Flat spokeshaves are used on curves which come outwards and also some flat surfaces.

Round spokeshaves

round spokeshave Round spokeshaves have a rounded sole but also fit a flat blade. This is because the curve peaks at the centre of the width where the blade slots through.
round spokeshave, inward curve The round spokeshave is used on inward curves, like the back support of a chair.

Convex spokeshaves

convex curve

What does convex mean?

Convex refers to an object that curves outwards.

convex spokeshave Convex spokeshaves have both a convex sole and blade.
convex spokeshave hollowing They are used for hollowing out, on the seat of a chair for instance.

Concave spokeshaves

concave curve

What does concave mean?

Concave refers to an object that curves inwards.

concave spokeshave A concave spokeshave has both a concave sole and blade.
concave spokeshave The concave spokeshave is used on corners and thin round work pieces (like spindles).

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