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What is a wooden spokeshave?

What is a wooden spokeshave?

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metal and wooden spokeshave Spokeshaves are an old tool and the originals were made from wood. Metal spokeshaves were developed later. Some woodworkers still prefer to use wooden spokeshaves.

Wooden spokeshaves have a slightly varying design to their metal counterpart.

labelled wooden spokeshave Wooden spokeshaves consist of one piece of wood, forming the body and handles, to which the blade and sole are affixed. There is a hole in the body of the tool that acts as a mouth for the shavings to escape though.
wooden spokeshave blades with screws The blade is different in wooden spokeshaves; it has a smaller width and is attached to the bottom of the tool by screws that pass through the whole of the spokeshave body.

This means that the blade of the wooden spokeshave is at a lower angle to the workpiece. The blades are adjustable, like the metal version and are moved using the screws.

wooden spokeshave wear plate
The sole or wear plate on a wooden spokeshave is generally a small brass plate which sits along one side of the blade, compared with the metal spokeshave’s all round sole.

The wooden spokeshaves are more susceptible to wear because of the nature of wood. The wear plate protects the most used and therefore vulnerable place on a spokeshave.

maple Wooden spokeshaves are made from hard woods, such as maple. Hard woods are generally stronger and more resistant to shocks.

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