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Spokeshave Maintenance and Care

Spokeshave maintenance and care

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spokeshave It is not just the blade which requires shaping and maintaining, the other parts of the spokeshave may need adjusting to help them work to the best of their ability.

A spokeshave may wear and require maintenance or it could need improving straight from purchase; these are the things that will need checking.


flat and rounded cap iron for spokeshave The cap should be rounded at the front – this helps prevent chips from getting stuck and the tool from clogging up.

Some spokeshaves come with a flat front, which you can try to round off with a file.


epoxy resin on spokeshave bed The back of the body, or the bed, where the blade sits, needs to be smooth so that the blade can lie flush and work properly.

The bed can often be painted and left bumpy, which requires work to even out. This can be done with a file,  however the paint can be stubborn and difficult to remove Рan alternative way of smoothing the bed is to use epoxy resin and file that when dry.


worn spokeshave sole The sole of the tool will wear the most as it is in contact with the workpiece most frequently. It can be maintained in a similar way to the blade: smoothed out using whetstones or sand paper.

The sole should be smooth and shiny.


filing mouth of spokeshave The mouth of the tool is the gap in the sole where the blade sits. If you wish to change the blade in a spokeshave, you may need to increase the size of the mouth.

The mouth may also require some general maintenance and tidying, which can be done with a small file.

General maintenance

 old spokeshave The rest of the tool may require some general sprucing up to remove grime and prevent rusting. This can be done with some wire wool and/or an oily rag.

These can be used on the screws, metal handles and body.

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