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What are the rare types of spokeshave?

What are the rare types of spokeshave?

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old spokeshaves As spokeshaves are an old tool, they have gone through many changes in design. This means there are older versions that sometimes appear, however they are not usually available for general sale any more.

Some of these include: the double spokeshave, chamfer spokeshave, cylindrical shaped spokeshave and single thumbscrew spokeshave.

Double spokeshave

double spokeshave, flat and concave The double spokeshave consists of two different shaped soles (flat and concave) on a single tool. This type of spokeshave is handy because often more than one type is needed for a single task.

Chamfer spokeshave

chamfer spokeshave with adjustable fences The chamfer spokeshave includes two fences at 45° to the blade, which create a 90° angle at which the fences meet the wood. The fences are adjustable for different sized cuts.

Cylindrical spokeshave

cylindrical (cigar) spokeshave This cylindrical spokeshave was designed to create a smoother and cleaner cut. However, holding the tool and changing or sharpening parts proved to be quite difficult with this awkwardly shaped spokeshave.

Single adjustable thumbscrew

single adjustable thumbscrew spokeshave This type of spokeshave has an adjustable blade that is operated by a single thumbscrew, rather than the two which are more familiar now. These were more difficult to line up for an even cut.

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