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What are plasterer’s stilts used for?

What are plasterers’ stilts used for?

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man in stilts, plasterer, stilt walker, tools DIY guide wonkee donkee Plasterer’s stilts are designed to allow the wearer to stand still or walk about at a greater height above the ground.

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man plastering on stilts, sky walkers dura stilts wonkee donkee guide to tools DIY They are used for a wide variety of tasks, including: drywalling, plastering, placing insulation batts, installing furring channels, patching-in, touching up and stopping joints.

They are also used for fixing cornices and minor hand-sanding jobs.

Placing insulation batts

placing insulation batts, home improvement, DIY guide wonkee donkee tools Insulation batts are the wooden beams that intersect rolls of fibreglass insulation in loft and wall cavities.

Installing furring channels

installing furring channels, wonkee donkee, tools DIY guide Furring channels are wooden or metal strips which are used as backing support for the finished surfaces of a room, ie: drywall.

The term ‘furring’ refers to the backing surface, the process of installing it, and also to the strips themselves.

Patching-in, touching up and stopping joints

drywall 1 plastering stilts, filling the seams tool wonkee donkee Patching-in, touching up, and stopping joints are all drywalling terms and refer to the filling in of gaps, seams or cracks in plaster or plasterboard.
stilt walker 1 clown plasterers stilts wonkee donkee tools DIY guide Unless you have prior experience, then plasterer’s stilts may take a little getting used to. As with most things in life; practice makes perfect.

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