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How to walk in plasterer’s stilts?

How to walk in plasterer’s stilts?

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standing upright, plasterers stilts, dura stilts, skywalkers, tools DIY guide wonkee donkee Wonkee Donkee has the following advice to help you use your plasterer’s stilts. Stilts should be in a neutral and vertical position. There should not be a tendency to lean forward or backward.
standing in stilts, calf braces, plasterers stilts, dura stilts skywalkers wonkee donkee tool guide DIY Likewise, lateral balance should also be neutral, so the calf braces should not pull outwards or inwards.
walking in stilts, plasterers stilts, dura stilts skywalkers, DIY guide tools Wonkee Donkee If you’re just starting out, take slow, small, deliberate steps whilst keeping your stilts well apart.
wide stride, dura stilts, plasterers stilts, skywalkers, tools, DIY guide wonkee donkee When you have grown in confidence, you can widen your stride.
green walk, plasterers stilts, skywalkers dura stilts, tools guide DIY wonkee donkee Always walk forwards when wearing stilts.
putting on stilts, plasterers stilts, dura stilts skywalkers wonkee donkee DIY guide tools It is advisable to have a table or bench set up so that you easily get in and out of your stilts.
mortar stand, plasterers stilts wonkee donkee tools DIY Make use of a plasterer’s bench (also called a mortar stand). It allows you to keep your tools within easy reach.

Click here for information on mortar stands.

bending down in stilts, plasterers stilts, wonkee donkee, DIY guide tools Having a bench set up (like the one above) removes the need for unnecessary bending which puts strain on the stilts and your body.

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