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How t0 put on plasterers stilts?

How to put on plasterer’s stilts?

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warning sign, plasterers stilts, max load, wonkee donkee tools DIY guide Before you begin, be aware that there is a maximum weight allowance for stilts, so check with your manufacturer!
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Step 1 – Have a bench to sit on

It is advisable to have a table or bench set up so that you easily get in and out of your stilts.

set the heel cap in correct position, plasterers stilts, dura stilts, sky walkers, wonkee donkee DIY guide tools

Step 2 – Set heel cup

Set the heel cup in the correct position for the size of your foot. It needs to be far enough back so that your foot does not overhang at the front.

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Step 3 – Adjust calf brace

Adjust the calf brace. Recommended position is just above the thickest part of the calf.

tighten the screws, plasterers stilts, dura stilts, sky walkers, wonkee donkee DIY guide

Step 4 – Tighten screws

Once you have the calf brace in the correct position, tighten the screws to lock it in place.

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Step 5a – Thread strap into binder

To begin using your stilts, put the calf brace around your leg and thread the strap into the binder.

thread the calf strap around your leg

Step 5b – Ratchet until comfortable

Pull the binder lever back and ratchet until comfortable.

place your heel in the heel cap, plasterers stilts, dura stilts, skywalkers, wonkee donkee DIY tools guide

Step 6 – Place foot against heel cup

Position your foot firmly against the heel cup.

tighten the foot strap, dura stilts skywalkers plasterers stilts, wonkee donkee tools guide DIY

Step 7 – Thread strap around your foot

Thread the strap around your foot and through the binder. Ratchet until tight.

tightening foot ankle strap, dura stilts, skywalkers, plasterers stilts, wonkeee donkee tools guide DIY

Step 8 – Thread strap around ankle

Continue with the ankle strap until tight and secure.

adjust the tension spring ankle coil, plasterers stilts, dura stilts, skywalkers, wonkee donkee, DIY tools guide

Step 9 – Adjust ankle spring

If your model of stilts has an adjustable ankle spring then adjust the tension so that it offers enough resistance so as not to bottom out.

“Bottoming out” is when the two ends of the shock absorber touch each other. There should always be enough tension in the spring so that these two points never touch.

repeat the process, plasterers stilts, skywalkers, dura stilts, tools wonkee donkee DIY guide

Step 10 – Repeat

Repeat steps 2 to 10 with your other stilt. You are now ready to use your stilts!

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