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What are plasterer’s stilts made of?

What are plasterer’s stilts made of?

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drywall stilts, plasterers stilts wonkee donkee tools DIY guide Plasterer’s stilts are typically made of aluminium. Aluminium has the advantages of being both lightweight and strong.
foot floor plate, stilts plasterers stilts, skywalkers, dura stilts tools DIY guide wonkee donkee The floor plates are usually made from nylon plastic with rubber soles for durability and grip.
calf brace padding, plasterers stilts leg pole padding sky walkers, dura stilts tool guide wonkee donkee Calf brace padding should be comfortable. The padding in this picture is genuine lamb’s wool!
stilts parts straps, plasterer stilts, sky walkers Screws are usually made from stainless steel or aluminium. Additional parts will be made from durable plastics.
straps parts stilt wing bolts, plasterers stilts skywalkers dura stilts tools guide how to use wonkee donkee Straps are typically made from strong nylon weave, though leather straps are also available.

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