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What are the different types of pickaxe?

What are the different types of pick axe?

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Railroad pick axes

Railroad pickaxe Railroad pick axes get their name from their use in building the United States railways, or railroads as they were called.

Railroad pick axes are the most common type of pick axe in use today.

Mandrill pick axes

Miners pickaxe being used in a coal mine A mandrill is also referred to as a miner’s pick axe.
It has a shorter handle compared to a railroad pick axe to make it easier to swing in the confined spaces of a mine.

These are still available today although they are far less common than railroad pick axes.

Ice climbing pick axes

Ice climbing pickaxe Ice climbing pick axes are used by alpinists, ski mountaineers, ice climbers and mixed climbers.

They are a modern version of what were originally called alpenstocks. Alpenstocks have been used by shepherds for travel on snowfields and glaciers in the Alps since the Middle Ages, and now ice climbing pick axes are often used in conjunction with crampons.

The ice climbing pick axe is used to help ascend and descend mountains involving frozen and snowy conditions.

Ice pickaxe with different parts detailed

What are the design features of an ice climber’s pick axe?

  1. Serrated pick – Used to chip into ice and for self arrests (The process of stopping yourself once you have fallen and are sliding down an icy or snowy slope)
  2. Head – Usually features a pick at one end and either a chisel, adze or hammer at the other.
  3. Adze – Can also be a chisel or hammer and is used for chopping steps into hard snow or ice.
  4. Leash – Used for fixing the ice pick axe to your hand.
  5. Leash stop – Stops the leash from sliding off the handle.
  6. Shaft – Can be straight or slightly curved.
  7. Spike – Is used for balance when the ice climbing pick axe is used like a walking stick and held by the head.
firefighters pick headed axe Wonkee donkee firefighters pick headed axe, The firefighters pick headed axe is actually the only tool that features both an axe and a pick at the head of the same tool.

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