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Pick Axe Glossary

Pick axe glossary

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 Shattered brittle vinyl record The brittleness of a material is a measure of how easily it will break and shatter rather than stretching or compressing, when stress forces are applied to it.


Metal burrs on an axe head Burrs are raised pieces of material, usually metal, protruding from an object.


Corrosion on bolts Corrosion is a reaction between a metal and the moisture in the atmosphere around it that degrades the metal, reducing its strength. The most common example is rusting.


Scratched and scuffed alloy wheel Hardness is a measure of how well a material resists scratching and changing its shape when a force is applied to it.


Quenching hot metal in water Quenching is the process of rapidly cooling metal during manufacturing, often using water.

It’s done as part of heat treating to achieve desirable properties in the metal, such as strength and hardness.


Rotting wood Rotting is the decomposition and decay of once living material, such as wood.


Rusty tools Rusting is a form of corrosion undergone by metals that contain iron. It occurs when such metals are left unprotected in the presence of oxygen and moisture in the atmosphere.


Force applied during a compression test Toughness is the measure of a material’s ability to stretch or compress without breaking or shattering when a force is applied to it.


Warped timber Warping is when wood bends its shape due to uneven shrinking as it dries out.

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