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How to use a pick axe?

How to use a pick axe?

Pickaxes are a useful piece of equipment to have close by for a range of different tasks. How you use a pickaxe depends on what you need to do, with the head and pick end both completing different tasks.

What are the different sides of the head used for?

The pick part of a pick axe is used to break up and split rock, concrete and hard earth.


The chisel end of the pick axe head is used to pry apart broken rocks and other objects such as paving slabs.

Using the pick end…

You should stand with the object you are trying to hit set slightly in front of you, so as not to bring the head of the pick axe down too close to your feet.


Grasp the handle with your less dominant hand at the base and place the other slightly further up. 


Bend at the waist, keeping your back straight, knees flexed, and feet shoulder-width apart with one foot slightly in front of the other. 

If you are not used to using a pick axe, it may be easier to start by carefully bringing the head of the pick axe over your shoulder, rather than directly over your head.


As you swing the head of the pick axe down, extend your arms, keeping your eye on the object you are trying to hit.


Keep a firm grip of the handle as you strike to prevent it slipping from your grasp.

Using the chisel end…

Wedge the chisel end of the pick axe head into a crack, and, using the handle of the pick axe as a lever, pull the handle back to prise apart the rock.


To lift paving with the chisel of a pick axe, strike the chisel into the ground just in front of the paving, or wedge the chisel under the edge of the paving then pull the handle of the pick axe back to lever up the paving.

Are there any other ways to use a pick axe? 

In addition to breaking up hard earth and rocks pick axes can be used for several other jobs.


A pick axe can be used to split the husk from a coconut, as seen in the picture opposite.


Pick axes are useful tools for breaking up ice, whether that be breaking ice on a path or making a hole for fishing on a frozen lake.

If you intend to break ice on a lake with a pick axe tie a long rope firmly around the head first, this will enable the pick axe to be thrown onto the ice and retrieved safely from the shore as can be seen in this picture.


Pick axes make ideal props for films and theatre productions. They can be used to help set the scene in anything from productions involving mining to gory weapons in horror or zombie films.

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