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What is the cutting capacity of nibbler shears?

What is the cutting capacity of
nibbler shears?

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Nibbler shears cutting through sheet metal The cutting capacity for nibbler shears varies depending on the material you are cutting due to the material’s level of hardness.The cutting capacity can often be represented in gauge measurement, which is the thickness measurement for steel, although most also give the millimetre thickness.

As a general rule, the harder the material is that you are cutting, the smaller the cutting capacity will be.

sheet metal gauge, measures the thickness of steel as nibbler shears can only cut through sheet metal up to a certain thickness Nibbler shears come in one size and can cut through mild steel (steel with a hardness of no greater than 120HB) of up to 0.9mm (20 gauge; 0.035″). On the gauge scale, thicker materials have a lower number, while thinner materials have a higher gauge number.
  Wonkee Donkee says; HB stands for hardness number . Hardness ratings are part of the Brinell scale.
materials that can be cut by nibbler shears, with varying cutting capacitys Listed below are the cutting capacity for other materials:

  • Stainless steel: 0.6mm (22 gauge; 0.023″)
  • Galvanised steel: 1.2mm (16 gauge; 0.047″)
  • Zinc: 1.2mm (16 gauge; 0.047″)
  • Copper & brass: 1.5 mm (15 gauge; 0.059″)
  • Aluminium: 2mm (12 gauge; 0.078″)
Sheets of PVC plastic one of materials cut by nibbler shears Cutting capacity for non-metal materials:

  • PVC: 2mm (12 gauge; 0.078″)
  • Vinyl: 2mm (12 gauge; 0.078″)
  • Polycarbonate: 2.5mm (10 gauge; 0.098″)

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