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What are nibbler shears used for?

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Nibbler shears cutting through sheet metal steel without distorting the material Nibbler shears are used to cut through materials, mostly metal, without distorting the surface.
  Wonkee Donkee says; Distorting the material can mean bending it or cracking it, both of which give an undesired finish
Using nibbler shears to cut through sheet metal Nibbler shears are mainly used to cut sheet metal steel for applications such as: car manufacture and repairs, manufacture of steel gates and stairs and general metal work.
Materials that nibbler shears can cut; PVC, copper, brass and zinc However they can also be used to cut other materials such as:

  • PVC
  • Zinc
  • Brass
  • Copper
Car window frame cut to shape using nibbler shears Nibbler shears are often used in car body workshops, for cutting steel pieces to the correct shape and size to be fitted to cars.Copper and zinc were traditionally used to make weathervanes, and nibbler shears were used to cut the material to shape. Nibbler shears can also be used to cut copper wiring and jewellery.
Brass name plate, nibbler shears can be used to cut to shape and size Nibbler shears can also be used to cut brass name plates to size and shape or in PVC plastic manufacture, which provides bodies and casings for a huge range of items including keyboards, printers and children’s toys.
Nibbler shears cutting through metal The cutting capacity of nibbler shears depends on the material you are cutting, as the harder it is, the thinner it will have to be for the shears to cut through.For more information, see What is the cutting capacity of nibbler shears?