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Nibbler Shears Maintenance and Care

Nibbler Shears Maintenance and Care

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Rain, if left out i n constant exposure to weather nibbler shears will begin to corrode Chrome molybdenum, the material from which the blades of nibbler shears are usually made, is corrosion resistant, meaning that the tool should not rust even if it exposed to water. However, if left in constant outdoors conditions, the tool will be susceptible to rust, which may shorten its life.

How to replace the blade on a pair of nibbler shears

Replacement blade for nibbler shears, blade can be replaced if it becomes dull It is important that the blade on a pair of nibbler shears remains sharp as it will not cut effectively otherwise. If the tool struggles to cut through the material or slightly bends or distorts the material’s edge whilst cutting, it means it is blunt. If the blade does become dull, replacement blades are available, but make sure the blade you purchase matches the brand of your tool.
Labelled screw to release the blade of nibbler shears when the blade becomes dull and needs to be released To replace the blade, simply unscrew the central screw in the middle of the blade to release the dull one. Next, insert the new blade with the cutting ridge facing upwards and reattach the screw to secure in position.

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