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What are the parts of nibbler shears?

What are the parts of nibbler shears?

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   Parts of nibbler shears; handles, lock and blade used to cut through sheet metal

Nibbler shears all have a fairly similar design. This includes the handle, the blade and the lock. Read our full guide to the parts of nibbler shears in order to identify the different parts and their functions.

Nibbler shears blade

Parts of nibbler shears; blade, used to cut through sheet metal without distorting the metal The blade of a pair of nibbler shears sits underneath the material and, when the handles are closed together, is pushed upwards through the material to cut it. Instead of slicing through like the blade on a pair of shears, the nibbler shears’ blade punches through.The blade can be replaced if it becomes dull – for more information, see Nibbler Shears Maintenance and Care.

Nibbler shears handles

Parts of nibbler shears, handles, rubber coated to aid grip when cutting through sheet metal The handles of nibbler shears are rubber coated to be more comfortable in the user’s hand and to provide extra grip, helping to prevent slipping in wet or oily hands.The handles are also spring-loaded, containing a small spring where the handles join. This makes using the tool more comfortable for the user as the spring absorbs some of the pressure when cutting. It also means the user doesn’t need to manually open up the handles each time they want to make a cut.

Nibbler shears lock

Nibbler shears locked Nibbler shears have a lock which can be flicked up so that it locks onto the other handle and holds the tool closed. This ensures that the blade is not exposed when the tool is not in use so as not to damage it.

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