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What are nibbler shears made of?

What are nibbler shears made of?

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Nibbler shears are mainly made from metal on the blades and a combination of plastic and rubber on the handles. Read our full guide on what are nibbler shears made of!

Nibbler shears blade

Chrome molybdenum used for the blades of nibbler shears because of its high strength properties

Chrome molybdenum

Nibble shears usually have blades made from chrome molybdenum, which is an alloy compound with high strength and impact resistance.

Molybdenum formed with chrome creates a metal hard enough to cut through steel which is why it used for nibbler shears blades Molybdenum is an element that does not occur as a natural metal, however it was first isolated as a metal in mineral form in 1781 by Peter Hjelm. Since then, it has been one of the most common elements used to form hard alloys.
Nibbler shears cutting through sheet metal, blade made from chrome molybdenum as it is a high strength alloy The main characteristics of chrome molybdenum are strength, rigidity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and impact resistance.It is used for nibbler shears’ blades as they need to be very hard to cut through steel, as well as other metals. They also need to be wear and impact resistant to ensure that they are able to keep cutting to a high standard, despite constant use.

Nibbler shears handle

Nibbler shears handles, rubber coated to aid grip and comfort during cutting The handles of nibbler shears have a rubber cover to cushion the user’s hand whilst cutting and provides extra grip, which is useful as gloves are often worn when using nibbler shears.

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