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How to use nibbler shears?

How to use nibbler shears?

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Marking out lines on sheet metal ready to be cut out by nibbler shears

Step 1 – Mark material

Mark the material where you are going to cut so that you have a guide to follow with the nibbler shears.

Remove safety lock from nibbler shears to release blade so that they can be used to cut through sheet metal

Step 2 – Remove lock

Remove the safety lock on the nibbler shears by flicking it downwards to release the blade.

Nibbler shears cutting through sheet metal

Step 3 – Cut material

Position the shears on the material with the blade underneath and push the handles together to cut through the material. Repeat this until the desired cut has been made.

Waste material cut out of metal using nibbler shears

Step 4 – Remove nibbler shears

Once the cut is complete, remove the shears and the waste material. Re-attach the safety lock to protect the blade whilst not in use.

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