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What are Shears?

What are shears?

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shears are like scissors, they have 2 blades which are used to cut various materials Generally, shears are hand tools which consist of two blades that are joined so they pivot past each other. As the blades pass, they shear through the material that is between them, the same way scissors do.

Alternatively, shears may have a blade and an anvil base which they cut against, like mitre shears.

shears come in many different shapes and sizes and may be designed to cut specific materials Shears and scissors both carry the same function, and their names are often interchangeable. However, scissors tend to be a multi-purpose cutting tool while shears will often have a more specific function, and are usually larger than scissors.
you can get many specialist shears and scissor such as pinking shears, mitre shears, animal shears and many more. wonkee donkee tools Shears come in many different shapes and sizes. Depending on their function, they may have variations on the blades, handles or pivot points.

You may also find similar tools referred to as cutters, trimmers, croppers or snips.

shears and scissor tools were used in ancient Eygptian times Shearing tools have been around for a long time, antique examples have been found from Ancient Egyptian times!

Originally, they were made out of one piece of metal and worked with a pincer action, where the user would push the blades together to make the cut.

The typical shear design of two blades that cross each other was invented by the Romans On most modern shears, the blades are usually attached at a single point, so they can pivot past one each other as the user opens and closes the handles.

Did you know it’s thought that this crossing blade design was invented in ancient Rome?

sheep are sometimes sheared with hand shears Although pivoting shears are now more common than other designs, you can still see the old push blade design of shears in use. For example, they are still sometimes used when shearing sheep by hand.
Wonkee Donkee says "I'm glad I'm not a sheep, I don't like the look of those shears"

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