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How to use Mitre Shears?

How to use mitre shears

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Mitre shears are often used to cut material at an angle so a corner can be created Mitre shears are generally used for cutting framing, tile trim and other similar materials at an angle so two pieces can be joined together to create a precise corner.
Mitre shears need to cut pieces at half the angle of the final angle of the corner

Step 1 – Obtain angle

Measure the angle of the corner you want to create and divide this by two; this is the angle of mitre cut you will need to make.

If you wanted to create a 120 degree corner, you would need to make two mitre cuts of 60 degrees.

Mitre shears and mitre cutters allow you to cut stock at precise angles

Step 2 – Line up material

Unlock the shears with the locking lever, if they have one, and line up the material against the mark for a 60 degree cut. If the material is lined up against the base edge of the anvil it will cut a 45 degree angle.

For other angles, the material can be lined up with the appropriate mark on the anvil.

Mitre shears and cutters can cut various materials at precise angles to make corners. wonkee donkee tools

Step 3 – Cut material

The handles can then be pushed together and the material between the blade and the anvil will be cut.

The sharp blade should give you a clean cut without crushing the material.

mitre cutters can help you to create neat corners

Step 4 – Create corner

Once you have cut the two pieces at the correct angle, they can be joined together to create a neat corner.

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