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What are mitre shears used for?

What are mitre shears used for?

Mitre shears are used for cleanly cutting materials at a precise angle, often known as a mitre or bevel cut. These cuts are usually created so that two pieces can be fitted together to create a neat corner, although mitre shears can also be used to make right angled cuts.

Mitre Shears Tasks

When creating a corner, the angle of the mitre cut will be determined by the desired angle of the finished corner. The two pieces to be joined must be cut at an angle which is half that of the finished corner.


Standard mitre cuts are made at 45 degrees in order to create a corner of 90 degrees, known as a true mitre joint, however mitre joints can also be other angles.

Mitre shears are commonly used to create precise corners for things such as doll’s house moulding, picture frames, window seals and other similar applications. 

The specific material that can be cut, and the size of it, will depend on the specifications of individual shears, the size of the blade, and the overall strength of the shears. As shears are made from different materials, some will be stronger than others.

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