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How to change the blade on mitre shears?

How to change the blade on mitre shears?

Replacable Blade on mitre shears

Most mitre shears have a replaceable blade, if you notice the shears aren’t making as clean a cut as they used to, or are crushing the material before cutting it, then you might need to change the blade. Check specifications of the shears to make sure you get the correct blade size and type.

Step 1 - Remove old blade

How to remove the blade on mitre shears

The blade will be attached to the shears with either a one or two small bolts or screws, the specification of the shears should tell you what size tool you need to remove these fastenings. Unscrew the fastenings and carefully remove the old blade and dispose of it safely – be careful not to cut yourself!

Step 2 - Replace blade

Replacing a mitre shears blade

The new blade will fit where the old one was removed, and should have a hole you can line up with where the fastening will pass through it.

Step 3 - Fasten in blade

Fastening in a new mitre shear blade

The shears can then be fastened in place with the bolt or screw, which will pass through the body and blade to attached them together. Take extra care here as this blade will be sharper than the old one.

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