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What are Mitre Shears?

What are mitre shears?

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Mitre shears mean you don't have to use a mitre box or mitre saw to cut precise angles Mitre shears, sometimes called mitre cutters, angled shears, bevelling shears or angled cutters, are specifically designed for making mitre cuts. They consist of a cutting blade and anvil, which they cut against.Particular shears are made to cut different materials, of varying thicknesses, so make sure you check the specifications.

Mitre cuts

Mitre cuts are commonly seen in framing, skirting boards and other structures which need corners to be precise and neat A mitre cut is usually used so two pieces can be joined together to create a neat mitre corner. The angle of the mitre will be half the angle of the finished corner.Mitre cuts are commonly made to create corners for things such as framing, skirting boards or box making. For more information, see: What is a mitre cut?
Mitre shears cut at precise angles so you don't need mitre saw or mitre boxes Mitre shears are used for cutting materials at precise angles, with minimum effort. Depending on the individual shears specification, they may be used for things like tile trim, PVC seals, laminate beading or decorative moulding.
When using mitre shears you don't need to use a mitre saw or a mitre box They eliminate the need to use a mitre box or mitre saw when cutting thinner materials.

What is a mitre box?

Mitre boxes are also used to make miter cuts A mitre box has slots set at 90 and 45 degree angles and is used in conjunction with a saw. It guides the saw so these angles can be cut easily and accurately. Some may also come with other angled guides for cutting different angles.Mitre boxes are usually made from wood or plastic and will usually require the user to hold the material in place as it is being sawn.

What is a mitre saw?

Mitre saws are usually electric saws which can be set at various angles A mitre saw can either refer to a saw that is used with a mitre box or it can be a specific, motor-operated saw which is attached to a special base. The blade of the saw can be set at precise angles to make mitre cuts.Electric mitre saws tend to be expensive pieces of equipment, but they are easier and quicker to use than a hand saw on larger pieces of material.
Wonkee Donkee says 'I use mitre shears to cut corners in framing for my pictures"

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