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Mitre Shears Care and Maintenance

Mitre shears care and maintenance

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Ensure you take care of all your tools To keep tools working correctly and for the longest possible time, it is important to look after them and make sure they are used properly.

Cleaning mitre shears

you can clean you mitre shears with rubbing alcohol if they become dirty, it's important to keep tools dry. Wonkee donkee tools Like other shears, mitre shears should be kept clean and dry to help prevent corrosion. Moisture on metal tools can cause them to rust so it’s important to ensure they are dried properly after being cleaned.
You can help maintain your mitre shears by occasionally oiling the joint The joining screw of the mitre shears should be kept clean and free of any debris. The area around it, where metal touches metal can be lubricated occasionally with a general purpose lubricating oil, to help keep it moving smoothly and also wards off rust.

Maintaining the blade of mitre shears

You can sharpen the blade of some mitre shears, this will prolong their life Rubbing alcohol, sometimes called surgical spirits, can be used to clean the blade occasionally, as it is a substance that dries quickly. The blade should be oiled occasionally to help keep it rust free.

Most mitre shears have replaceable blades, and some have blades that can be resharpened to extend the life of the tool, if this is the case it should say in the specifications. You should be able to sharpen the blade with any sharpener designed to work with the material the blade is made from.

Correct use of mitre shears

mitre shears can be used to cut thin pieces, for thicker pieces you might need a mitre saw or mitre box. Don’t strain mitre shears or try to cut material they are not intended to cut. The specifications of your individual model should tell you the size and type of material they are able to cut.

For thicker or larger materials, you may need to use a mitre saw or a mitre box and hand saw.

Storing mitre shears

Mitre shears should be stored safely Mitre shears are sharp so should be stored safely, somewhere they can not be damaged or cause damage. If they have a locking lever, this should be used to lock the blade shut when it is not being used. Mitre shears should be stored in a dry place.
Wonkee Donkee says "The greatest hazards posed by handheld tools are from misuse or not properly maintaining them"

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