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What is a laminate floor cutter used for?

What is a laminate floor cutter used for?

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lady and suitcase on laminate floor A laminate floor cutter can be used on most types of laminate floor.
width and depth limit (road sign diagram) There is usually a limit to the depth and size to which a laminate floor cutter can cut.
laminate depth with built in underlay The maximum depth varies from 10-15mm (0.3-0.5″ approx.)

Laminate generally comes in thicknesses of between 6-12mm (0.2-0.4″ approx.) but can be thicker if it has built-in underlay.

   There are several reasons for using underlay: 1. It is a barrier against sound, heat and moisture 2. It works as a cushioning for comfort and support 3. It reduces the wearing of the flooring material.
laminate width for cutter (max 210mm) Some laminate floor cutters come with a board stopper, which can limit the maximum width of laminate the tool can cut. This can be up to 210mm (8.2″ approx.) The board stopper is usually removable to allow for lengthways cutting.Blades are generally capable of cutting up to 320mm (12.5″ approx.) in one depression. The average width of a panel of laminate is 190mm (7.4″ approx).
awkward shape room to be laminated Laminate cutters are capable of achieving notched cuts, which is useful for getting around door frames and pipes.Some laminate cutters can also perform angled cuts, which is ideal for awkwardly shaped rooms.
Fixtures of laminate flooring, expansion gap, tongue and groove Laminate is a floating floor, which means it is not fixed down.There should be an expansion gap of around 10mm (0.3″ approx) left on the outside of a laminate floor. This allows for the expansion and contraction of wood which naturally occurs with changing temperatures and other conditions.

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