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What are the parts of a laminate floor cutter?

What are the parts of a laminate floor cutter?

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basic laminate floor cutter labelled diagram

Laminate floor cutter labelled diagram

The main parts of a laminate floor cutter include the handle, base, waste collector, cutting board, trestle, locking system and the blade. Read our full guide on the different parts of a laminate floor cutter.

Laminate floor cutter base

laminate floor cutter base The base of the laminate floor cutter is H framed. It measures approximately 100cm x 23cm (39″ x 9″ approx.)The base serves to stabilise the whole tool.

Laminate floor cutter handle

laminate floor cutter handle The handle often has an ergonomic grip and is pushed towards the base to achieve the cut. 
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Laminate floor cutter blade

laminate floor cutter blade The blade is semicircular in shape which allows it to perform a rolling, gradual cut. The blade does not taper to a point, it is flat, which allows it to cut away small strips of laminate gradually.

This blade ensures there is a clean cut, which does not fracture the laminate. The blade is non-replaceable, but never needs sharpening. 

Laminate floor cutter board stopper

laminate floor cutter board stopper The board stopper is available on some but not all laminate floor cutters. It holds the board in place whilst cutting. 

Laminate floor cutter locking system

laminate floor cutter locking system The locking system is located on the board stopper. It consists of two screws, which are tightened against the piece of laminate. This secures the board for cutting. 

Laminate floor cutter angle lock

laminate floor cutter angle lock The angle lock is found at the front of the board stopper, on varieties of laminate floor cutter which perform angled cuts. The board stopper is removed to use the angle lock. The lock is rotated to the desired angle and can achieve cuts of between 0-90 degrees. 

Laminate floor cutter waste collector

laminate floor cutter waste collector The waste collector is a tray which sits under the base of the laminate floor cutter. This is another part which is not available on every model.The waste collector makes cleaning up much quicker and easier. As the blade removes small strips of laminate, the waste collector catches them. 

Laminate floor cutter trestle or V support

laminate floor cutter trestle The trestle or V support is not part of the tool, but an added extra. It is included with most models of laminate floor cutter and its job is to support longer pieces of laminate, which would otherwise stick out from the main tool and droop. 

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