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How to cut widthways with a laminate floor cutter?

How to cut widthways with a laminate floor cutter?

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laminate with width cut demonstration Before starting to cut laminate it is best to know what you are doing so that you don’t waste any material. In this guide we walk you through how to cut laminate across the width.
place laminate floor cutter on sturdy ground

Step 1 – Stabilise cutter

Make sure the laminate floor cutter is placed on a sturdy surface.

Measuring and marking laminate

Step 2 – Measure and mark

Measure and mark the piece of laminate to be cut.

Insert laminante plank, right side up

Step 3 – Insert laminate

Lift the blade and place the laminate (finished side up) with the tongue side closest to the blade. 

I’ll be keeping my tongue firmly in  my mouth, thankyou very much!
laminate resting on trestle If cutting a long piece of laminate, the trestle should be placed underneath the board. 
lining up blade on laminate floor cutter

Step 4 – Align laminate

Align the marking on the board with the edge of the blade. It is important that you have the side to be used on the outside of the blade and take into consideration the sliver the blade will remove.

tighten the screw to secure the board on the laminate floor cutter If there is a board stopper and locking system, tighten the screws to secure the board.
beginning the cut on the laminate floor cutter

Step 5 – Begin cut

Hold the laminate with one hand and begin to lower the blade with the other.

completing cut with laminate floor cutter

Step 6 – Complete cut

When the incision has begun, use both hands to fully lower the blade and complete the cut. 

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