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What is a laminate floor cutter?

What is a laminate floor cutter?

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laminate floor cutter
A laminate floor cutter is a hand tool for cutting laminate floor.
dog on laminate floor Laminate is a type of synthetic flooring. It consists of layers, which give the outward appearance of wood or sometimes stone.
laying a laminate floor Laminate is very easy to fit as it has tongue and groove fixings.
Tongue and groove has opposing fixings on either side. The tongue slots in to the groove.
ways laminate can be cut diagram Various laminate floor cutters can make width, length and angled cuts, as well as smaller notched cuts.
different models of laminate floor cutter There are various models of laminate floor cutter, some of which will only perform straight cuts.The angled cuts are restricted to a specialised model of floor cutter. This is because only some varieties include an angle lock.

For more information, see our section What are the parts of a laminate floor cutter?

laminate offcuts One of the big benefits of a laminate floor cutter is that there is very little maintenance required. The blades never need replacing, the cuts produce no dust and the small offcuts are easily disposed of.

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