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What is a post rammer?

What is a post rammer?

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a post rammer is a two handled cylindrical tube used for driving metal or wooden posts into the ground using a pounding action A post rammer is a cylindrical tube with two handles. It is used to drive wooden or metal posts into the ground using a pounding action.

Other given names:  post driver, post thumper, post knocker and drivall.

You can use a post rammer on your own or with help Post rammers can be used individually or with a co-worker.

What are the different types of post rammer?

other than the diameter of the post rammer tube, relating to the size of post, there are is nothing to compare between one or another When it comes to post rammers, there is not a great deal of variety – the main difference is in the diameter of the tube, which corresponds to the size of post the rammer is to be used on.

Depending on the brand, post rammers may have different styles of steel top. Although different in appearance by the manufacturer’s choice, they all serve the same purpose: to reinforce the top of the striking face.

Some of the different styles of post rammer are shown below:
post rammers striking surface

The parts of a post rammer

detailed parts making up a post rammer

Sizes of post rammer

post rammers are available in a wide variety of sizes Post rammers come in a variety of sizes; the weight reflects the size.
the size of a post rammer is determined by the inside diameter of the steel tube The sizing is measured on the inside diameter (ID) of the steel tube.
sizes range from the smallest 2" (50mm) to the largest 6" (150mm)
Ranging from the smallest at 50mm (2″) (ID)

Through to the largest at 150mm (6″) (ID)

The actual size will vary on the manufacturer and the size of rammer that has been selected.

consideration should be given to the shape and size of your chosen post When purchasing a post rammer it should be taken into account whether the post is round or square
Important information round rammers for round posts, square rammers for round posts. Because the rammer is round in shape, it will take a round post of a similar size. For example, a 150mm (6″) rammer will take a 150mm (6″) post, but it won’t fit a square post of the same size. A 150mm (6″) rammer will only fit a post with 100mm (4″) dimension as the corners of the post have to be accounted for (maximum 150mm (6″) across corners).

Another example: A 125mm (5″) rammer will take a 125mm (5″) round post and a 90mm (3″½) square post.

Check the post size that the rammer can fit before you purchase.

Advantages of a post rammer over a fencing maul

post rammers will keep the fencing post upright as it is pushed into the ground. The post rammer will keep the post straighter as it is pushed into the ground.

It can also be used by those who are vertically challenged, as there is no need to swing at the post from above. This makes it suitable on post heights as high as 1.2m (4ft).

post rammers are safer than fencing mauls as no swinging action is required Post rammers are much safer than fencing mauls, as they do not require a swinging action.
the post rammer will also reduce the damage to the edges
The post rammer will also reduce the damage to the edges of the post. This is because the tubular body of the rammer controls its direction, unlike a fencing maul.

The direction of the maul is controlled by the swing of the user. It may not always land centrally on top of the post, and could cause damage to the post’s edges.

the post rammer can be used by two people, one on each handle The post rammer can be used with two people, one on each handle giving a much greater downward driving force onto the post and speeding up the time taken to strike the post into the ground.  

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