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How do you use a fencing maul?

How to use a fencing maul

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the fencing maul is designed for driving posts into the ground The fencing maul is designed for driving posts into the ground using one of two large-faced surfaces to spread the impact on contact with the post; thus causing minimal damage to the head or the post when struck.

On what size posts can fencing mauls be used?

Suitable for posts would be less than 1.2m (4ft) in height Suitable posts would be of less than 1.2m (4ft) in height, for example: low posts, support posts, fence posts and marker posts of any shape or width.

A post of a greater height would require the use of a post rammer, (see What is a post rammer?) as swinging a maul at a post above waist height becomes very difficult and has a less effective impact.

Things you will need:

Things you will need fencing maul Fencing maul
Things you will need sturdy shoes Sturdy shoes
the wearing of gloves will help with the absorption caused by the impact on the post Gloves for the co-worker, to absorb the vibration caused from the impact on the post.
fencing post Fence post
Its always useful to have a co worker to work alongside you Co-worker, friend or family member
decide on the placement of the fence post.

Step 1 – Position post

Take the fence post, decide on its placement and arm the trusting helper with the gloves.

If you are using a wooden-handled maul, it is advised you use your bare hands for a better grip.

how to use a fencing maul step 2

Step 2 – Hold post upright

Get the undoubtedly nervous helper to hold the post in an upright position. Where they stand should depend on the space you have around the post and the lay of the ground.

hold the maul with a wide grip, this will allow better control through the swing

Step 3 – Hold maul

Hold the maul with a wide grip (hands spaced far apart). This will allow for better control throughout the swing.

carry out slow and controlled practiced swings.

Step 4 – Strike post

Carry out a slow and controlled practice swing so you and your trusting helper know the approximate direction of travel. Once happy, begin striking the post with firm, committed swings towards the ground.

take the task of knocking in the fence post in turns with your co-worker, it can be quite tiring on your arms, back and shoulders
The swinging action required for striking the post can tire the back, shoulders and arms quickly. Take it in turns to strike the post into the ground.

This process should be repeated until the post is firmly in the ground.

WONKEE DONKEE says remember many hands make light work!

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