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How do you replace a fibreglass maul handle?

How to replace a fibreglass maul handle

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fibreglass maul handles are designed to break, throw away and replace Fibreglass handles should not be repaired they should be replaced.

Things you will need:

you will need a handsaw with a coarse blade Hand saw – preferably coarse toothed
you will require a vice Vice
you will require a drill Drill
7mm 1/4" drill bit 7mm (¼”) drill bit
Hammer Hammer
sandpaper fine grade Sandpaper – Fine grain
replacement fibreglass handle kit Replacement handle kit – Containing a handle and two part epoxy glue
caulking cord Caulking cord
use handsaw with a coarse blade to cut away any remaining broken handle on the underside

Step 1 – Remove broken maul handle

Use a handsaw with a course blade (bigger, rougher teeth do a much quicker job than that of fine teeth) to cut away any remaining broken maul handle on the underside of the head.

place the tool head in a vice if you have access to one

Step 2 – Support maul head

Place the tool head in a vice if you have access to one.

ensure you have a big enough gap to push remaining handle through If not, put the head on two solid surfaces with a gap between them, and from the top down, using the hammer and old maul handle as a punch, knock out the remaining handle.

This should be done in the same direction as the old handle would have been inserted.

make some holes in the fibreglass to release pressure

Step 3 – Drill into maul handle

This may well go to plan, but if the remaining handle is in too tight then it will require some assistance.

Taking the drill and bit, drill holes in the fibreglass, either through the top or the underside, starting with one in the centre and a few around the edges as this should help release the pressure holding the fibreglass in place, ready to knock out.

clean out any remaining debris with sandpaper

Step 4 – Clean with sandpaper

Use the sandpaper to clean out any remaining debris in the eye, from the previous maul handle. This will also provide a rough surface for the epoxy glue to bond to.

ensure new handle sits flush with the top of the maul head

Step 5 – Insert new fiberglass maul handle

Insert the bottom of the new handle so that the end sits flush with the top of the head.

using the caulking cord seal around the handle

Step 6 – Seal opening

Using the caulking cord (a putty type substance provided in your kit), seal around the handle where it meets the underside of the maul head. This stops the epoxy glue from leaking out before it dries.

seal with epoxy resin

Step 7 – Mix and check seal

Take the epoxy resin and mix both parts together as stated in the instructions.

Pour in a little of the resin first to check the seal. Should the caulk seal leak, you will lose all of your resin! To prevent leaking, push the putty further up into the eye.

ensure the epoxy resin is allowed the amount of time to harden as stated in the instructions.

Step 8 – Pour and allow to harden

Once the seal is secure, pour the resin, from the top, into the gap between the head and the maul handle.

Allow the epoxy resin to harden for the full amount of time, as stated in the instructions. If it does not set correctly, the maul may be unsafe to use.

ensure this procedure is carried out by a competent person This fitting procedure should only be carried out by a competent person.

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