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How to use a post rammer?

How to use a post rammer

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Things you will need:

Post rammers can weigh up to 17 kilograms 14lbs

Post rammer

Post rammers can weigh up to 17 kilograms (14lbs), so you may need your co-worker’s help to lift it off the ground.

It is best practice to wear sturdy footwear, should the rammer decide to rebound off the post, it's a good idea that your toes are protected

Sturdy footwear

Sturdy footwear is advised. If the rammer decides to rebound off the post and meet your toes, it is a good idea that your feet are protected.

Gloves should be worn when using a post rammer to assist in preventing jarring of the wrist, elbow and shoulder joints


Gloves should be worn as they will reduce the shock on impact with the post, preventing jarring of the wrist, elbow and shoulder joints.

how to use a post rammer co-worker


You can use a post rammer on your own, but this is dependant on the size and weight of the tool, the strength of the individual involved and size of the post in question. Wherever possible – get help.

always get assistance when lifting post rammers, and always bend from your knees, not your back Don’t break your back – get some help!

Remember: bend from your knees and not from your back!

for ease insert the post into the rammer whilst lying on the ground, rather than trying to lift the post rammer over the top.

Top tip

Put the rammer on the post when it is lying on the ground. This is easier than trying to support the post when it is upright, then having to lift the rammer higher to get it over the post top.

Communication is key!

always communicate with your co-worker when to lift and drive down the post rammer, if you're not in sync your workload will be doubled When using a post rammer with another person, communication is key.

It is vital that you both lift and drive the rammer down at the same time. If your motions are not synchronized, the work load could be doubled.

discuss with your co-worker on how long you will work on lifting and dropping the post rammer, ensure you take regular breaks, this work can be tiring. Discuss how many times the rammer is going to be lifted and driven down as well as when you are going to be taking a break, as it will be tiring work even for the Popeyes out there!
The post rammer should be rotated 90° every few strokes to help the post enter the ground straight The rammer should be rotated 90 degrees every few strokes to help the post enter the ground straight.

If the post is at an angle, pull towards you on the downstroke to straighten it up.

unless you want to look at a wonkee post check your work regularly
WONKEE DONKEE says check your work frequently, unless you don't mind admiring a wonkee post for years to come!
tap the side of the rammer with rubber mallet or maul to release a stuck post If the rammer gets stuck to the post, take a rubber mallet or maul and tap the sides at the top of the rammer, whilst your co-worker lifts the rammer off the post.
check the post for damage Check the post for damage that may have caused it to become stuck. If the issue continues, reassess the size of the rammer chosen for the job.
lay the rammer on it's side when not in use When the rammer is not in use, lay it on its side on the ground. This is not just for the benefit of the tool; if you leave it standing upright, it could fall over and injure someone.
post rammer direction Post rammer direction of travel.

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