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What are the parts of an engineer’s scriber?

What are the parts of an engineer’s scriber?

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Parts of an engineers scriber, Tip/Point, Chuck, Body/Shaft/Handle, Clip, Head/Cap
Wonkee Donkee parts of an engineers scriber, There are five main parts to an engineers scriber, although some simpler models may have fewer features.

Engineer’s scriber tip

Scriber tips The scriber tip, also called the point, is the part that actually does the scribing.

Tips are usually made from either tungsten carbide, hardened steel, tool steel or steel with a diamond tip and will be replaceable on some models.

Types of scriber tip, standard point tip, fine point tip, extended finely tapered tip, screw in tip

What are the different types of replacement scriber tips?

There are different types of replacement scriber tips available for different uses and types of scriber.

When purchasing replacement tips for a scriber, first check to make sure that the replacements are compatible with your particular tool. Some replacement tips are designed to screw into the body of the scriber whilst others need a chuck to hold them in place.

Wonkee Donkee buy replacement tips made by the same manufacturer as the scriber, Some manufacturers may use different sizes for their replacement tips, so to be sure the tips you are buying will fit. Make sure they are made by the same manufacturer as the scriber they will be used in.

Engineer’s scriber chuck

Close up of a chuck The chuck secures the tip to the body of the scriber and is only found on scribers with replaceable tips.
How does the chuck hold the tip?, tip, hood, jaw guide, shell

How does the chuck hold the tip?

The tip of the scriber is placed in the shell between the jaw guide. A hood is then placed over the tip and screwed onto the shell. As this is done, the jaw guides are forced together, clamping down on the tip holding it in place.

Engineer’s scriber body

Close up of a scriber body The body of the scriber is also referred to as the shaft, or handle, at times. This part of the scriber can be made of a variety of materials.

Scribers with replaceable tips usually have a metal body and often feature a knurled surface to improve grip and prevent the scriber slipping in the user’s hand.

Engineer’s scriber clip

Clip on a machinists scriber The clip is only found on machinist’s or pocket scribers and is used to secure and keep the scriber handy in a jacket pocket. It also serves to prevent the scriber rolling off work surfaces.

Engineer’s scriber head

Close up of an engineers scriber head On pocket scribers, the head is often hexagonal in shape to prevent the scriber rolling off work surfaces.

Additional features of an engineer’s scriber

Pocket scriber with tip in both recessed and usable position, scriber tip in usable position, scriber tip reversed and recessed

Reversible tips

Scribers with removable tips and a locking screw chuck can have the tips reversed and recessed into them. This helps protect the tip from damage and makes the scriber shorter and easier to store when not in use.

Scriber with a magnetic head, magnetic head

Magnetic head

Some scribers are available with magnetic heads for quickly and easily picking up metal filings from the surface of the workpiece, thereby preventing possible damage. These are usually found on machinists’ scribers and are useful if you are mainly scribing iron or steel.

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