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How to maintain an engineer’s scriber?

How to maintain an engineer’s scriber

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Protecting the tips of an engineer’s scriber

Engineer's scriber set and cases In order to keep the scriber tip in a usable condition, scribers with exposed tips should be kept separate from other tools.

One of the best ways to do this is to purchase a separate case for your engineers scribers. These not only protect the tip of the scriber but help keep your scriber and tips dry and make the task of finding your scriber much easier than if it is simply stored in a drawer in the workshop.

Replacement scriber tips and plastic storage tube. Replacement scriber tips often come with the tips in a plastic tube. These can be kept and used for storing the tips when they are not in use.
Scriber with a reversible tip, scriber tip in usable position, scriber with tip reversed and recessed Some scribers with removable tips and a locking screw chuck can have the tips reversed and recessed into them. This helps protect the tip from damage and makes the scriber shorter and easier to store when not in use.
Engineer's scriber with protective plastic caps on the tips Some scribers are supplied with small plastic caps that fit on the tips of scribers to protect them.
Engineer's scraper with cork and polystyrene protecting the tips Wonkee Donkee how to make end caps for an engineers scriber, An easy way to make protective caps for the tips of scribers is to use the old corks from wine bottles, or a bit of polystyrene.

Maintaining the body of an engineer’s scriber

WD40 After use, the body of an engineer’s scriber should be brushed clean of any dirt and grit. Scribers with a metal body should be stored in a dry place, or, if this is not possible, they should be sprayed with WD40 and wrapped in an oily cloth to prevent them from rusting.

How long should an engineer’s scriber last?

An engineer's scriber will need replacing if it is broken The length of time that a scriber will last depends on how frequently it is used and what material it is used on. The more frequently it is being used, the quicker the tip will wear and become blunt.

When the tips become blunt and ineffective they should be sharpened or replaced. Scribers with hardened tool steel tips will wear the quickest.

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