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Can you sharpen an engineer’s scriber?

Can you sharpen an engineer’s scriber?

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Wonkee Donkee says: "Yes you can sharpen an engineer’s scriber, but there is an important difference between the equipment you need to sharpen steel tip scribers and tungsten carbide tip scribers."

Is there a difference between sharpening hardened steel, tool steel and tungsten carbide?

Aluminium oxide oilstone used to sharpen hardened steel and tool steel engineers scribers The technique for sharpening a scriber tip is the same, regardless of whether it’s a hardened steel, tool steel or tungsten carbide tip. However, there is a difference in the sharpening stone and cutting fluid you will need.
Which diamond sharpening stone should you use, Continuous diamond stone used to sharpen tungsten carbide, Interrupted diamond stone Hardened tool steel can be sharpened with an aluminium oxide oil stone or whetstone, whereas tungsten carbide tipped scribers will require a diamond stone with a continuous diamond surface, as the sharpening stone has to be of a harder material than the tool it is sharpening.

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