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How to sharpen an engineer’s scriber made of hardened steel or tool steel?

How to sharpen an engineer’s scriber made of hardened steel or tool steel

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Other equipment you will need:

Aluminium oxide oilstone, course grit side, fine grit side

Aluminium oxide oilstone or whetstone

The course grit side is used for quick initial sharpening, then the fine grit side is used to produce a fine sharp point.

Cutting fluids, 3-in-one oil and specialist honing oil

Cutting fluid

Use a specialist honing oil with an oil stone. Water should be used with a whetstone.

   Wonkee donkee what cutting fluid should you use with a sharpening stone?, If you are unsure whether your sharpening stone is an oilstone or a whetstone you should use water as your cutting fluid. This is because water can be used with an oilstone but oil will ruin a whetstone.

Sharpening the scriber

Spots of oil used to moisten the surface of an oilstone

Step 1 – Moisten sharpening stone

Moisten the surface of your sharpening stone with the appropriate cutting fluid.

If you are using a whetstone it should be soaked in water for about 10 minutes so it becomes saturated.

Sharpening angle for an engineers scriber tip, 30-60

Step 2 – Position scriber at correct angle

Beginning on the course grit side of the sharpening stone, hold the scriber in your dominant hand as you would a pen at an angle of between 30 – 60 degrees, the closer to 30 degrees you hold the scriber tip, the finer the point you sharpen on it will be.

Action used to sharpen an engineers scraper tip on an oilstone

Step 3 – Move scriber back and forth

Rub the scriber tip lengthways across the surface of the sharpening stone, twisting it between your forefinger and thumb as you go. To avoid leaving grooves in your stone, even out the wear by continually moving the tip onto another area of the stones face.

Keep the scriber tip in line with the length of the sharpening stone as you sharpen it Make sure you keep the scriber tip parallel and in line with the length of the sharpening stone as you are sharpening it.

Do not sharpen the scriber tip at a right angle to the sharpening stone, if you do this the sharpening lines on the tip will run in the wrong direction making the tip more likely to break during use.

Correct and incorrect sharpening line on a scriber tip  The sharpening line on the tip of a scriber should run length ways down the tip when looked at under a magnifying glass not across it.
Repeat the process carried out in steps 1-3 on the other side of the stone to achieve the sharpest point.

Step 4 – Repeat on other side of stone

Repeat step 3 on the fine side of the sharpening stone.

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