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How to sharpen an engineer’s scriber made of tungsten carbide?


How to sharpen an engineer’s scriber made of

tungsten carbide

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Other equipment you will need:

  Diamond sharpening stones  

Continuous diamond stone

Make sure you use a continuous diamond sharpening stone and not an interrupted one as this will not be as effective, and may damage the tip of the scriber.

  Cutting fluids for use with a diamond sharpening stone, Diamond abrasive lapping fluid, Mineral oil  

Cutting fluid

You should use a specialist diamond abrasive lapping fluid with your diamond sharpening stone.


Sharpening the scriber

  Place a few drops of the cutting fluid on the surface of the sharpening stone to moisten it.  

Step 1 – Moisten stone

Moisten the surface of your sharpening stone with the cutting fluid.

  Correct angle for sharpening an engineers scriber tip on a diamond sharpening stone  

Step 2 – Position scriber at correct angle

Hold the scriber in your dominant hand as you would a pen, at an angle of between 30-60 degrees. The closer to 30 degrees you hold the scriber tip, the finer the point you sharpen on it will be. 

  Sharpening the tip of an engineers scriber on a diamond sharpening stone  

Step 3 – Move scriber over stone

Rub the scriber tip lengthways across the surface of the sharpening stone, twisting it between your forefinger and thumb as you go. Use the whole of the stones face for sharpening to prevent grooves being worn in one area.


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