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Are there any other uses for an engineer’s scriber?

Are there any other uses for an engineer’s scriber?

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Carbide tipped engineer’s scribers

Jeweller examining a diamond Carbide tipped scribers are used by jewellers and gemologists as a quick and easy way to discern natural coloured diamonds from “treated colour” diamonds.
Selection of coloured diamonds Diamonds that have had a surface colour coat applied to them are worth considerably less than natural coloured diamonds or irradiation and HPHT (high pressure high temperature) treated coloured diamonds.
Diamond facets, Crown, Pavilion Jewellers and gemologists can use a carbide tip scriber to scratch the pavilion and crown facets of a diamond. If they have been surface coloured, then the scriber will scratch away the surface coating.

As carbide is not as hard as diamond, the diamond itself is not scratched.

Value of diamonds This enables jewellers to quickly and easily tell if the diamond they are buying is surface colour coated or not and so allow them to more accurately determine its value.
Wonkee Donkee says: "This technique can only be used on diamonds, as other gemstones will be scratched by a tungsten carbide scriber."

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